My Love Is

My love is an... inexplicable esoteric intervention of divine presence

The Dive From the Moon

Platonic Intimacy was something that was introduced to me naturally as if the Universe knew I was…

One of These Days

One of these days, I will wake up, and she will be gone

Sitting with Emotions

In the past, I would do everything I could to stay comfortable.  As soon as an intense, foreign, or…

Man With Woman: An Evolving Pantry

Naomi has taught me the value of ingredients, which, apparently, make all the difference.


He summoned the Universe and asked for a companion to help paint the cosmos every night with new…

Dear New York pt III

You coated your cosmic calling with conviction. I grabbed a duffle and a suitcase and packed my…

Dear New York pt II

Suddenly, reality was a nightmare. It was only when I dreamed of you that I was awake

Dear New York pt I

I rose to an uprising as irreverent clouds threatened the celestial Sun. A coup d’état in the…