The path to the bathroom from my office was short, yet precarious as the CMO sat in the corner office. He summoned me inside, recognizing the look of a Wanderer -a copywriter with an active imagination and an empty queue. As I sat on pins and needles, he looked me square in the eyes and asked, “do you want to do more creative writing?”
“I thought you’d never ask,” I replied, as a dream came suddenly true.
“Can you write for radio?”
Having never tried, the only answer was, “Absolutely.”
I went from a full bladder to a full portfolio in record time, hammering away any doubt along the way.

First was mastering the rare art of turning Air Force Specialty Codes into siren calls, leading young men and women to fantastical careers. Then the task was translating the brand’s message to sports enthusiasts tuned into ESPN radio. Before long I was making direct appeals to parents, college students, counselors, women, teachers, mechanics, and active-duty military.

In total, ~30/100 written ads were produced, some of which are featured below. We never produced my favorite, a provocative late-night spoof ‘Shop Talk,’ but it lives eternally as office lore – the most risque copy ever written for America’s military. If you’re ever asked to do something you’ve never done, do yourself a favor and say ‘yes.’ The rest will work itself out.

:30 Radio Commercial

Go ANG, Mom

This ad started as a television commercial inspired by the intro to Earthgang's music video for Voodoo. Months later, I recycled the copy as a radio ad to the client's delight as we captured both the benefits and the inclusivity of part-time service.

:30 Radio Commercial

My Hands

The Maintainer career was the Air Force's number one vacancy and one of the most mission-critical positions. The goal was to reposition the career, pivoting away from the mechanical nature of the job and toward the opportunity for unprecedented hands-on experience with the most advanced technology in the world.

:30 Radio Commercial

Sign Me Up

In a creative meeting discussing Maintainers, a position held 94% by men, a (male) strategist infuriated the youngest woman in the room by suggesting it was not a job for women. She retaliated passionately, claiming that attitude was the exact motivator for why she would pursue such a job. I made sure to channel her energy and create copy that was not only empowering but accurately aligned to the reality that women can do everything.

:30 Radio Commercial

Celebration Dance

This ad was played on ESPN radio during college bowl games. After the National Championship concluded, the focus shifted to creating ads specifically for fans of basketball, hockey, and baseball.

:30 Radio Commercial

Wins and Losses

With an invitation to 'play for America's home team,' this ad was created for sports fans and distributed on ESPN radio. I believe this is Kirk Herbstreit's voice, which makes it that much better.

:30 Radio Commercial

Pop Quiz

While appealing mainly to teachers, this ad was created for centers of influence that include counselors, parents, and anyone helping a young student figure out their life and career path.

:30 Radio Commercial

Engineering AFSC

One of the earlier radio ads from a batch that showcased various Air Force Specialty Codes and some of the 200 career options available to prospects.

*All of these ads also have 15-second counterparts.