Blacktain America pt. 1

When a vengeful computer scientist, Mackie Malone, begins shutting down various aspects and media outlets of black culture, it is up to determined hero, Blacktain America, and his partners to stop him before he shuts down the NBA 2K servers.

A Note About the Creators

Founded by three financially challenged college students, Brothas Is Broke is an entertainment group based in Metro-Atlanta. Starting out by creating skits, Brothas is Broke branched out into doing live performances and hosting events before their first cinematic creation: Blacktain America: COD. With their combined talents and unique personalities, their mission is to produce innovative content from a place of authentic creativity.

Proudly made in Atlanta with local talent


Himie Freeman Blacktain America / Alvin Mason

Meshach Young Mackie the Hacky / Mackie Malone   

Zack Towner –  Todrick Jason

Jayona JohnsonJohnera Jones

Okenna Okpareke Chinedu

Devon MercerGoon #1

Vaughn Robinson Goon #2

Rodney Mills Goon #3

Jaelin Randall Goon #4

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