‘My love’ described by a passing stranger.


My love is an… inexplicable esoteric intervention of divine presence
Deep with intuition of feminine character,
Strongly in tune with passion
kinetic energy rising … and falling
Inhaling(breaths in), exhaling (breaths out)
Thoughts of liquid seduction
Baby, I am your dreams
Your inner thoughts
Your alpha-beta brain waves
Involuntarily making your body shake through my head
Yes, my intellect… that wanders through the desolate emotions of your being
And shhhh….
Do you hear that
The silence.
Baby, I am this too
The pure essence of stillness
Silencio ven aqui papi
For I am the beat
That creates a metronome in your chest in total synchronization with mine
And baby this why you long for me
The mystery that lies in between my thighs
Third dimension realms of ancient realities traced with my soul
You long for this ….
but funny
You don’t even know my name
One look was all it took
You see me or so it seems
And though words were never spoke
You’re an intricate detail to the complex concept of love
You are my brother to the night
Evolving transforming transcending
What I knew to be true
And uprooting my beliefs through the interaction with you
This thing baby
It’s arousing my love and it’s heightening my love
What I once thought now is redefined
Yet still remains ever so gentle,
ever so esoteric and divinely intervened
This is my love
My love defined by a passing stranger
Exchanged emotional glances
With an influx of identity through an abstract idea
Baby this what my love is….