The Moon was in NEGRO SOLSTICE.

What this means is Jupiter and Saturn merged in the night sky, appearing closer to one another than they have since Galileo’s time in the 17th century. It’s known as The Great Conjunction, or now, thanks to Twitter, the Negro Solstice. As Black people embraced December 21st as a day they will receive superpowers. Right in time for a new moon.

Here’s what my favorite astrologer, Dossé-Via of Scorpio Mystique said of this same day:

…be present with your blessings and aware of your superpowers. Use these gifts wisely, Scorpio. The Great Ascension is activating our sector of roots, family, the past, and our deepest values. While you may be blessed to have guides, angels, and divine protection, you are ultimately your own elixir to life. You are your own guru, your own savior, your own teacher. Today, make a vow to yourself to continue to honor and value the genius that exists within you, and the healer that you already are. You have entered a new phase of your life, where your fears no longer take precedence. You have chosen yourself. You have chosen your expansion. You have chosen your abundance. You are the chosen one.

Every new moon is an opportunity to manifest our intentions. Here are some of my affirmations. 

I Trust The Universe.

Everything Works Out Perfectly For Me.

I Am Worthy of Receiving EVERY Yes.

I Am Worthy of Following ALL of My Dreams and Desires.

I Work Where I Want, With Who I Want and When I Want.

I Am Powerful Beyond My Own Limitations.

I Surround Myself With Powerful Energies That Motivate ME Daily.

I Am Creating A Life of Passion and Purpose.

My Intentions For My Life Are Clear.

I Am Wealthy and Prosperous In All Aspects of My Life.

I Love, Support, and Believe In Myself.

The Universe Is ALWAYS Riding For Me.

Love Is In Abundance In My Life.

My Soul Is Living The Life That I Deserve.


I Am Powerful.

I Am Open.

I Am COMPLETELY 100% IN LOVE With Myself.

I Am Smart, Creative and I ONLY ACCEPT YES For An Answer!

My Love Is MINE.

I Will EXCEL Within Parenting.

I Am Nurturing.


I Am Always Seeking Me.

I Am Unique and Valued.

My Perspective is Respected and Valued.


Want to craft your own? Check out Dossé-Via’s Manifestation Mantra for inspiration.