*** Dear New York is the romanticized chronicle of a twentysomething’s affair with the Big Apple of his eye *** 

Every night was a celestial conspiracy arranged by the Moon

The wind whispered your pheromones through my window
You coated your cosmic calling with conviction
I grabbed a duffle and a suitcase and packed my life away

I neglected necessities and abandoned the comforts of my hometown
I packaged promises and sold a dream to ease the pain
I held my breath until I reached you, or else
I would have drowned in her tears

I arrived with only evaporated epiphanies of what I left behind
The warmth of her sun-kissed flesh
The traces of heaven in her pearly whites
The foreign lands beyond her pupils
The road trips traveled along her curves
The crown of curls formed into feral fantasy
The expeditions into her mental depths
The moments that left us breathless
The adventures that kept us restless

My imagination manifested a companion
a gift from the Universe
returned to sender
never seen again.

You said that I was overburdened by the weight of her love
That I might fly closer to the sun without it
Two paths diverged in the universe and I
-sorry that I could not choose both-
chose the one that led to you