*** Dear New York is the romanticized chronicle of a twentysomething’s affair with the Big Apple of his eye.. ***

You pickpocketed my peace when I left you

You liberated my life, yet held me hostage in my own house
Held captive somewhere between the tick and the tock
Until the second hand returned from his rounds with my soul

You hijacked a shooting star
and crash-landed in my imagination
right where the left side works
My common senses never functioned the same

My taste buds no longer communicated
They refused to digest a life without you
Your aroma was my therapy
Everything else reeked of regret
My pupils were dumbfounded by your complexity
Blinded by your brilliance
Your sweet nothings echoed in my emptied vessel
Your whispers compelled me to leap for the unfathomable
My hands were busy making a way back to you
The rest of my body was paralyzed with indecision

You rocked my cradle and made my heart cry
Only your presence could pacify me
You robbed me of my complacency-
I replaced it with the idea of you

Suddenly, reality was a nightmare
It was only when I dreamed of you that I was awake