Pretty Boy

Last night's unconscious contemplations let loose old faces stored in absent-minded memories.

It Is Ok To Envy

The horizon for him was beauty. It has taken him all his life so far and the ghostly apex shrouded…

My Love Is

My love is an... inexplicable esoteric intervention of divine presence

Dear Atlanta

The South had something to say and you spoke ever so loudly.


The communion at an alter, at a table, in a bed, all share a joining of emotional, spiritual, and…

When I Was Younger

When I was a child, God made so much more sense…

The Dive From the Moon

Platonic Intimacy was something that was introduced to me naturally as if the Universe knew I was…

One of These Days

One of these days, I will wake up, and she will be gone

The Journey of an Anxious Creator

My journey as an anxious creator is rooted in feelings of imposter syndrome. As if anyone with…

My Toxic Relationship With Fear

As a writer who hasn't been writing... My relationship with fear has been a toxic one. Extremely…